Water's transition from liquid to gas is steam.  Used in a variety of industrial applications such as generating electricity it can also be used for cleaning, moisturizing, adding humidity to the air boiler valves and atomization. These applications need some parameter control. To do this, a steam control valve is an essential part of the engineering to control the boiler process.

A boiler steam valve is used to control the flow and pressure level of steam and heated water vapor as well as controlling temperature. These valves are available in many configurations, connection types and actuation methods.

Boilers work at high pressures. High pressure steam has a lower specific volume that makes it lighter. Because it is lighter, the distribution becomes easier and cheaper from the reduction in piping and insulation requirements. These valves are not only needed to control steam pressure and temperature but they are necessary for plant safety. 

Some industrial process applications use steam at a lower pressure because steam at a low pressure has higher latent heat that increases energy efficiency.  

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