Looking for a high-efficiency boiler that can deliver superior efficiency, performance, and Aspen boilers 21 at 12.20.05 PM versatility? The Aspen from U.S. Boiler is worth considering.

The Aspen high-efficiency condensing boiler is sleek, smart, ergonomically optimized styling, with an elegant design so striking that it has actually been adopted by many others in the industry.

On the inside there is a stainless steel firetube heat exchanger and an advanced combustion system, designed to set new standards for reliability, efficiency, ease of installation, and operation.

Choosing the right boiler is easy as Aspen boilers are available in (5) residential sizes. The Aspen Light Commercial model is also available in (2) larger sizes for installations with higher heating demands, 85, 110, 155, 205, 270 MBH and optional floor stand models. There are two light commercial models; 320 & 399 MB and a combi model, 155 MBH.

The Aspen has up to 96% AFUE with 10:1 turndown. This means high-efficiency and low emissions. Each model is equipped with advanced Sage2.3 controls, which provides further energy savings, system optimization and short-cycle prevention. In the light commercial models, the controls also make for simple lead/lag configuration in multiple-boiler applications.
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The  list of high-value standard features that come standard with the Aspen adds to the overall efficiency savings that they can provide.

Wall or floor mounted options, the space-saving low depth profile of these boilers offers tremendous flexibility in tight installation spaces.

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