Water quality is important in the operation of a commercial boiler. If you find that you are boiler repairs 2020 replacing your commercial boiler's water feed tube often, you may have an issue with the quality of the water you are using.

The quality of the feed water is critical for achieving the most cost efficient operation. Poor water can lead to many problems such as sediment or scale build which can lead to poor heat transfer, overheated and damaged boiler tubes, and ultimately boiler failure.

Depending on the type and water pressure of the boiler, you will need to choose the right water treatment.  The requirements can vary widely, from simple soft water for a low pressure boiler to ultra pure water for critical boilers or nuclear power steam generators.

Some of the key elements to determining steam boiler water quality include:

 • Water Source
 • Hardness
 • Alkalinity
 • Purity
 • Total Dissolved Solids.

You may choose from many options for water purification for your boiler feed water and or make-up operations.

De-mineralization. This will remove nearly all of the ions present in water, common with high pressure steam applications and pure water requirements.

Water softener systems. Water softeners  remove magnesium and calcium ions from  the water. They usually use Nano-filtration (NF) or Ion Exchange (IX) to reduce scaling. 

De-ionization. This process involves passing water through an ion exchange to remove ions, salts and minerals.
De-alkalization. This process is used to reduce the corrosive carbon dioxide in boiler steam and condensate.
Reverse osmosis filtration. This is a system of membranes that remove solids, dissolved minerals, organics, and other particles to produce highly purified water.
Condensate polishers. Filtered water is condensed from steam. This removes ions to maintain purity and prevent acidity that can cause corrosion.

Ohio Plumbing & Boiler can provide a wide variety of custom boiler water treatment solutions to address common boiler problems such as corrosion, deposition, and scaling. We have programs that combine chemistry, equipment, data analytics, and field services to address these and other problems to achieve your ultimate goal of enhanced operational efficiency, safety, and reliability in your steam-generating system.  

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