Three condensing boilers from U.S. Boiler Company, offer a comprehensive array of sizes and condensing boilers Burnham 11.22.19 AM capabilities for your home.  The Aspen, the K2, and the Alpine are three condensing boiler models worth considering.   

They offer:

  •  Superior energy savings
  •  Quality construction
  •  A variety of configurations
  •  Energy-saving standard features

Upgrading from a typical 80% efficient boiler to any of U.S. Boiler's condensing boilers can provide about a 15-20% savings in energy, which can equate to a month (or
more) of heating fuel costs.

This means that energy savings can be realized during the first year of operation, and each year thereafter.

High efficiency home heating benefits you by providing home heating comfort with lower fuel consumption. This means fewer emissions, which benefits everyone!

All of three of these boilers come packed with standard energy saving features, one of which is "Outdoor Reset". By reading input from a sensor located outside the house, these boilers are able to determine what the correct output should be in order to match the heating requirement of the temperature outside. 

This feature is very useful in the “fringe” seasons of fall and spring, when the temperature outside can fluctuate greatly.

The U.S. Boiler Company offers American-made residential and commercial heating products that have been designed, engineered and produced domestically. Manufactured in Lancaster, PA, their facilities employ nearly 300 people. Every product that leaves our factory has been designed, engineered and manufactured for exclusive use in North America. 

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